R: An Introduction

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R is a free, open-source, statistical programming language. It is also the single most important tool for data science, with the ability to quickly and efficiently carry out every step in the data science pathway. In this introductory course, you'll learn how to install R, the helper application RStudio, and several of the free packages that extend R's functionality. You'll learn how to enter and examine data, create basic data visualizations, and begin modeling your data with procedures like hierarchical clustering and multiple regression.

  • Introductory level
  • 20 streaming video tutorials
  • 2 hours 11 minutes of instruction
  • Downloadable keypoints PDFs (available soon)
  • Downloadable workbook PDFs (available soon)
  • Created by Barton Poulson, PhD


Additional courses on R are in preparation and will be released soon for individual purchase or as a bundle of courses.

  • R: Essential Packages
  • R: Data Preparation
  • R: Data Visualization
  • R: Statistical Analysis
  • R: Machine Learning

What's included?

20 Videos
1 Download
Barton Poulson
Barton Poulson

About the instructor

Bart is the founder of datalab.cc and an advocate for data science and data literacy. He has taught people to work with data for over twenty years as a university professor, online instructor, consultant, collaborator, and author. Bart lives with his family in Salt Lake City.


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